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4 Kitchen Remodeling Tips for When You’re Expecting a Baby

When your family is about to welcome a new baby, you may be curious about what you can do to make your home a better fit. If you're frustrated with a lack of space in your kitchen or a poorly laid-out space, you can benefit greatly by remodeling the kitchen with your family in mind.
With the following projects, you can transform your kitchen and ensure that it's a place that will continue to look great and be an effective space for years.

Increase Storage Space for a Growing Family

One of the most appealing features in a home with children is proper storage. From all the silverware to cups and bowls, you likely have a great deal of kitchenware that needs to be put somewhere. Instead of struggling to find room for all of your kitchenware or leaving them out on open shelves, you can have professionals install new cabinetry.
When you upgrade, you can choose new, larger cabinets, such as upgrading from 24 inches up to 36 inches deep. You can also you can look into getting a pantry built. A pantry in your kitchen can help maximize storage space and store perishable items out of the way. This storage option can be especially valuable when you're expecting a baby and want the kitchen neat and organized for the baby’s supplies.

Install Cabinet Locks

While your baby won't be getting into your cabinets just yet, it's only a matter of time before they're crawling and curious about every detail in your home. In order for your kitchen cabinets to be as secure as possible, you'll want to get cabinet locks installed. This task can be made much easier when you choose cabinets fit for locks.
Ask professionals for advice regarding locks for your kitchen cabinets to ensure that they lock properly. From magnetic locks to ones that use adhesive or cords, you can make sure that the locks are installed without any issues and that your kitchen is secure enough with for your little one.

Update to a Modern Look

Your life is going to change a lot when you have a new baby. You'll quickly realize just how little free time you'll have available to you to spend time on fixing up your kitchen. Remodel your kitchen early on so that you're able to make a big difference in the way that your kitchen looks before your baby arrives.
New cabinets, countertops and backsplash can all affect the way that your kitchen looks. These changes can be a great way to get the feel of a new kitchen without concerns that the space feels dated. Get inspired by other new homes to help you get a kitchen that is fitting for your age and the style you enjoy most.

Replace Dangerous Hanging Counters

If your countertops hang over the edge of the cabinets, these countertops can be a dangerous feature when you have a baby. Once children begin crawling and pulling themselves into a standing position, they could easily hit their heads hard against the countertop.
Luckily, replacing the countertops can be another project that you include in remodeling your kitchen. Choose countertops with rounded corners and that are lifted to the point where they don't overlap the cabinets so that your countertops are much safer for your child.
Remodeling your kitchen can make an enormous difference in safety when you have a baby. Before your baby arrives, it's a smart idea to explore the best features to include for your kitchen remodel. Contact us at All Weather Systems to start a plan for remodeling your kitchen. 

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