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5 Ways to Create a Luxury Master Bathroom You Won’t Want to Leave

beautiful masters bedroom
The master bathroom should be part of a luxurious suite that offers homeowners a getaway right at home. Achieving that goal means knowing how to turn an ordinary and functional space into a dream room. To get you started, here are five ways to take yours to the next level. 
1. Complement the Bedroom
When designing your bathroom decor, take the main bedroom suite as an inspiration. If you've decorated the bedroom in a soft, neutral base, for example, use a similar color scheme and materials choices for the bath.
You can add fun accents to set the bathroom apart, though, by using complementary hues or a different accent color. You could also tweak the theme just a little, such as by adding small modern touches to a bathroom attached to a vintage style bedroom. 
2. Opt for a Custom Shower
Whereas large soaking tubs used to be the go-to luxury bathroom addition, a custom shower setup is more popular - and often more useful - today. Modern shower systems cater to any style you prefer, from overhead rain shower heads to body spray shower heads that jet water from multiple directions. For added luxury, why not try a shower large enough for two people or one with a built-in bathtub inside? 
Glass walls or a glass door and special designs in the tile or stonework help make a custom shower unit the focal point of any great bathroom. 
3. Include Room for Everyone
Today's couples tend to use the master bathroom in overlapping ways, and so you should plan for multiple people. This means having sufficient space for traffic flow around the vanity and shower areas. Make room for his-and-her sinks and even a double size shower. If you and your partner get ready in the morning together, a separate grooming station is also a good idea. 
If you and your partner do spend a lot of time preparing for your day in the same room, create separate zones within the bathroom. Avoid a shared tub/shower combination, for instance, and place the vanities away from the shower area. 
4. Add Spa Touches
Create a luxury environment unlike the other bathrooms in the home. This is the place to add special splurges like a gas fireplace to warm the space or in-floor radiant heat. A surround-sound music system and dimmer lighting will create a soft, romantic atmosphere. Depending on your tastes and how you use the bath, you could even add a beverage station with a coffee maker for the morning and wines for those long bathtub soaks. 
Spas often feature natural elements, so work those into your bath too. Live plants and plenty of natural lighting from skylights or large windows bring harmony into the space. Use natural or ecologically-friendly materials like wood, bamboo, and natural stone as well.
5. Make it Accessible
Whether you plan to mature in your home or you will likely be selling it down the road, designing an accessible space will add value. Simple adjustments make a bathroom more accessible without sacrificing beauty. Avoid elevation changes at the door, making the bathroom the same level as the adjoining room and skipping a significant threshold. And make sure that there's easy, wide, and unobstructed access from the main bedroom. 
Plan for plenty of space around the vanity, tub, and toilet to allow mobility devices to maneuver easily. A step-in shower without a threshold and featuring some grab bars are other easy accessibility additions. 
By giving attention to these ideas, your custom master bathroom could become your favorite room in the house. For more help designing the haven of your dreams, contact All Weather Systems today. 

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