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How To Design The Ideal Island For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Island
A popular kitchen remodel job is adding an island. Many homeowners dream of solving their kitchen organizational difficulties with an island. That certainly is possible, as long as you plan for your personal needs. Likewise, you want to ensure your island facilitates rather than hinders kitchen tasks. Finally, ensure the island complements the appearance of your kitchen.
Decide On The Function
Your kitchen island should be a hard-working space. Therefore, when you're planning your island, you should decide on its primary role in your kitchen routines.
One of the most common functions for a kitchen island is food preparation. For this style of island, a small sink and built-in cutting surfaces are ideal. The sink should include a disposal. You should also include outlets for small appliances. Consider including a pull-out garbage or compost bin.
Many homeowners combine a food preparation island with a dining area. Typically, one side of the island is raised to accommodate seating — This Old House recommends 36 inches for standard and 42 inches for bar-style seating. Likewise, the countertop extends out on the dining side for the seating. The edging of the countertop should be eased or bullnose edge for comfort.
A cooking island is a little more elaborate. You'll want to include a range and maybe even an oven. Likewise, many homeowners have a range hood that descends from the ceiling to keep oil and smoke out of the kitchen proper. Additionally, make sure the countertops near the range are heat resistant.
Choose The Size And Location
It's possible to have a petite island built into a petite kitchen. However, Home and Garden TV recommends that you should have at least 11 feet by 11 feet of open space to accommodate an island that's at least 48 inches long and 24 inches deep. Likewise, the site recommends allowing 42 inches of clearance between the island and other kitchen areas.
That said, if you have a large kitchen, you don't want an island that's dwarfed in the middle. Orient the island so it's easily accessible to the related work stations. For instance, a food preparation island should be oriented toward the refrigerator and pantry.
Include Ample Storage
No home cook ever complained of too much storage. As you design your island, think of ways to add ample storage. For instance, you can create shelving by extending a side of the island just a few inches. You can also have drawers tucked into small spaces.
Additionally, plan for customized storage. This goes along with the function of your island. For example, you may choose to have customized inserts that hold some of your specialty cooking tools, such as baking sheets. You can also use an island to solve a storage deficit in your kitchen for oversized cookware or for linens.
Consider The Appearance
An island stands alone, so you have a few options for materials and colors. Naturally, you'll want the island to blend with the rest of the kitchen décor, but it doesn't have to match exactly. So, even if your cabinetry is wood, you could add metal and glass to your island. Likewise, you may use the same color palette as the rest of the kitchen, or you may add complementary hues.
Concerning the countertop material, it's possible to match what's used in the rest of the kitchen. Conversely, you could choose a complementary material by matching a color in the original, say a gray from a granite countertop. For a working island, it's also possible to use chef's materials such as butcher block and stainless steel.
That said, try to add cohesive elements to your island's design. For instance, keep proportions the same, or echo shapes found in the rest of the kitchen. At the minimum, keep the décor style of the island cohesive with the rest of the kitchen. In other words, don't try to install an old-world wooden island in the middle of an ultra-modern kitchen.
Brainstorm the uses and appearance of your ideal kitchen island. Then, consult the residential remodeling professionals at All Weather Systems to see your project come to fruition.

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