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Remodeling Tips That Help Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

When you think of your dream kitchen, skinny walkways and minimal counter space probably aren’t on your list of desired amenities. However, expanding a kitchen's square footage can be costly, and the existing floor plan of your home can make expanding your existing kitchen a challenge.
Fortunately, there are some simple things that you can incorporate into a kitchen remodel project to help you create the illusion that your small kitchen has a lot more space than it really does. Here are three remodeling tips to keep in mind when updating your small kitchen. They’ll help ensure this all-important room feels larger once your remodel is complete.

1. Invest in Custom Cabinets with Glass Doors

Custom cabinetry can be costly. However, when you are trying to create the illusion of more space within a smaller kitchen, custom cabinets can make a big difference. Plus, since you will not need as many cabinets in a smaller kitchen as you would in a larger space, you may find that custom cabinets are more affordable than you might think.
Invest in cabinets that have glass doors. The glass will allow light to enter into the interior space of each cabinet, letting the eye be drawn all the way to the rear of the cabinet. This optical illusion helps to create the feeling of more space.
Be sure that your custom cabinets are painted the same color as the walls in your new kitchen, and consider extending the cabinets all the way to the ceiling as well. The long lines will also help create the illusion of space. Investing in the right custom cabinets will help you make your small kitchen feel larger.

2. Add Recessed Storage

Clever storage solutions play a critical role in helping you keep your small kitchen organized. The addition of a pantry or additional cupboards can take up valuable square footage, making your kitchen feel even smaller than it actually is.
To ensure that you have access to the storage you need without compromising space, consider adding recessed storage during your kitchen remodel. Your existing kitchen can easily be retrofitted with cabinets or shelves that are set into the kitchen walls.
Rather than extending out into the kitchen, these recessed storage options will remain flush with the walls. Opting to add recessed storage to your small kitchen ensures you will retain the maximum amount of usable space during your kitchen remodel.

3. Choose Reflective Finishes

The finishes that you choose to incorporate into your kitchen remodel can have a dramatic impact on the overall feeling of space that exists within the room.
Opting for reflective finishes that help distribute light throughout your living space can help create the illusion of more space within a smaller kitchen. You should select a wall paint color with a satin finish, add some stainless steel appliances and choose glass tiles for the backsplash in your small kitchen.
These highly reflective finishes will help to redistribute the natural light flowing into your small kitchen space, allowing the room to take on a more grand and luxurious feel, even with its square footage remaining the same after the remodel.
Making the decision to remodel a smaller kitchen can help you utilize the space better and make cooking at home more enjoyable. To ensure that your kitchen remodel allows you to create the illusion of more space within a small kitchen, make each remodeling and design decision with this goal in mind.
Ask the professionals at AWS Remodeling and Design for more tips on creating the illusion of space in your small kitchen. They’d love to help with your upcoming home remodel.

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