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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are estimates FREE?
AWS will offer an estimate on a basic kitchen or bath remodel free of charge. However, if your plans include relocating services, such as plumbing, gas or electric service and a full redesign of your particular situation which requires us to have other inspections done at your home in order to prepare a full quote, there will be additional charges based on time and expenses to cover the expense of those involved.
Can delays be caused on my project?
AWS will not start your project until all of the special order items are in our control, or we have verified that "in stock" items are really in stock. We make it a constant effort to make sure the materials we need are ordered and "in hand" before we will start your project. Change orders or "discovery" issues can sometimes cause unavoidable delays; however, we are experienced at working around a delay to try and keep on schedule whenever possible. You know the old saying; "Time is money," and we strive to keep "in budget and on time." 
What does "discovery" mean?
Discovery means that while in the process of performing the remodel. something is discovered that was unplanned, unknown and previously not charged for -- something that must be fixed or repaired before the remodel can be completed. This generally happens upon tear-out of the existing fixtures, flooring or walls when we discover rot or something there was no way to know about prior to quoting the job. We cannot cover up a code violation or any unsafe situation. It would cost much more to repair later after we have finished than while we have the area exposed and open to repair. Discovery issues are outlined in our contract on every job. We make every effort to handle these issues as promptly as possible so not to delay the project's completion.
Change orders?
AWS requires all change orders to be in writing and signed by the homeowner prior to any additions or subtractions from the original written contract. This helps eliminate any misunderstandings or unexpected costs to come up at the end of the project. Change orders are due in full when signed, as they can cause delays in the project, may require special order "rush" shipments, etc.
Can we buy our own materials and have AWS complete only the installation?
Short Answer: No. We have made it a company policy that we furnish all materials for this reason: We have learned "the hard way" that it is much more prudent to furnish products that we obtain from our locally supplied and trusted Vendors who have access to service parts or can quickly replace a damaged product. Products we have vital knowledge of and experience working with. 
When a client has purchased their own materials, they seldom have knowledge about the products serviceability, whether the products will come in on time, or be missing some needed parts and or accessories, possibly be in damaged condition from some source in which we have no relationship with. These events can delay their job, and also our next jobs, throwing off our entire schedule, and the client will be extremely unhappy with the delay through no fault of ours.
In our experience, it is much wiser and cost effective to start with a quality product at a fair price from our trusted Vendors.
We cherish our business relationships for the commitment to quality and service. We know these commitments allow us to furnish the level of service we are known for and demand. The same commitment is provided by our office personnel, our crews and our other business associates. It takes a full circle of valid relationships within all parts of the remodeling process to get a finished product that not only our clients are happy with, but that we are proud to finish.

Exception to the Rule:
Should a client have a feature piece of Family item that they wish to incorporate in a remodel we will gladly work with them to make their plans a reality.

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