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Job Preparation at Your Home

The Remodeling Process ... From Design to Completion

Once you have contacted AWS, we will schedule an appointment, either at your home or at our office/showroom.

If You First Come to the Office & Showroom...

We will discuss what you have in mind and give you an overview of our operation. We can show you our cabinetry lines and discuss what you have an interest in. We will discuss the budget you have in mind and advise you as to what can be allowed based on the budget you plan to spend. Once we have an idea of what colors and shades of product you most want, it will give us the starting point for a look you are interested in to work up your new project design.

If you decide you want us to proceed, we then make an appointment for our field project consultant to meet you at your home to make a site inspection, take photos and determine required service locations so we may complete the project proposal.

Or If We First Visit You in Your Home ...

We will have a project consultant meet with you and discuss your ideas and wants. We will view the area to be remodeled and take photos and measurements. We will also inspect the needed utility service locations involved.

*Sometimes in the case of a large project, this may require a second visit prior to pricing the project. We may send the lead carpenter to your home to investigate all of the situations at your site.

When needed, based on the scope of what your job entails, we will start on the floor plan and layout of your remodel project. From that plan and the information we have gathered, we will start pricing out your job. This takes time to make and send drawings, compile lists of various specifications required and options available. This information is sent to the various departments material vendors.

Once we have received all of the necessary materials pricing, labor figures and miscellaneous costs involved, we then have a staff meeting of those who will be involved with your project and go over the details to try and make sure we have not left out any important details. We are then ready to prepare a written quote for you.

Our presentation will include the 3-D elevations of the project, a detailed job description of what we propose to do and the various products we have quoted. We will go over the job description line by line with you and answer questions. If there are items you may want to change, we will work with you until you are satisfied with the remodel you have decided on.

Depending on the size and scope of your project, the payment terms we offer are a deposit of no less than one-third of the final contract price to set up your job, purchase materials and schedule the various crews and trades involved. The balance is paid in progression draws once the job has been started. The amount of each draw is based on the time your job is expected to run, and the final balance is paid once completion of the job is performed and a walk-through is done with the client.

Job Preparation at Your Home

Prior to starting work in your home, our crew will install floor and doorway protection in the areas that we will be exposing to the construction process.

We will broom-clean your jobsite at the end of every workday and maintain a neat job site.

Depending on the scope of your job, we may install barriers and slip-doors to contain the construction dust as much as possible. Generally speaking, you will be living in the home while the remodel is being performed, so our crews have been trained to treat your home as if it was their home, or even their grandmother's home!

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